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The dream is free, the hustle is sold separately...We've written a book!

So if you follow us on social media, you might have seen at the weekend that we announced we’ve written a book! We wanted to firstly say a massive thank you - we’ve been so overwhelmed by all the encouragement and love we’ve received over the last few days.

It has been a secret we’ve had to keep for a while so we’re excited the news is now public. We recently sat down with a friend to talk about the journey, what we’ve learnt and how we hope people will be impacted by the book. Enjoy!

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Interview with SliderCuts | Men Of Purpose

For a lot of guys, the barbershop is a place of community, banter and where news is shared frequently. So I was pretty excited to get to interview Mark Maciver, the savvy and passionate barber behind the barbershop and brand SliderCuts for the next installment of my Man of Purpose series. His clients include Reggie Yates, Stormzy, Tinie Tempah, Anthony Joshua just to name a few so he really his at the top of his field. In the midst of me getting a shape-up, we talked all things business, family and future plans.

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5 Ways To Get Through A Waiting Season

So this is a post I’ve wanted to write for a while - partly as it’s something I feel like I wrestle with frequently.


At any given point in our lives, in one or various areas, there will always be a ‘waiting’ season we’re in. It could be waiting for a promotion, waiting to get a big idea we can turn into a business, waiting to meet a life partner, waiting for results, waiting for a health challenge of a loved one to pass and so on and so forth.

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The Debonair Disciple | Men of Purpose

Starting from this month, over the next few months I’m going to be interviewing some great guys from a range of walks and backgrounds in life for my MEN OF PURPOSE Series.

First up, I interviewed Jake Bediako aka Debonair Disciple - a lifestyle curator and blogger currently based in Accra. We spoke about creating content, how he left Columbia University and turned from security to pursue entrepreneurship and what faith and purpose means to him.

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Dealing with Insecurities

Insecurities. Whether we stunt, front, put up a wall, use sarcasm to hide it or openly bear them, insecurities are something we all have.

The difference between whether they make or break us is firstly our ability to acknowledge them and secondly the courage to manage them.

The other day I was asking myself, why do I often try to hide my insecurities? I came to the conclusion, a lot of it was down to not wanting to be judged by others or as a businesswoman, I often want to appear like I know what I’m doing and have my stuff together.

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Changing priorities

 “The only constant in this life is change…”


This quote is a universally known fact. Yet still, it has somehow hit me full on like a freight train especially, as I navigate my changing status from bachelor to MCE/Husband to Ruth…

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