'Love is Real' | Our Engagement Party


One of the best things about getting married is the fact that over the next few months we'll have the opportunity on several occasions (as we're Nigerian lol!) to bring together our family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones together and enjoy the cause of celebration in style.

So a few weeks back, we celebrated our recent engagement by gathering two hundred or so into a swanky bar in Mayfair. For guests we went for the all black everything dress code, with everyone (mostly) scrubbing up rather nicely for the evening.


Now here's the thing - engagement parties are literally the prelude before the prelude before the prelude, but Ruth (ever the host and entertainer) decided she wanted to pull together a mini wedding in itself. Those who know me, you know that I'm not stickler for minute details when it comes to these kind of things so rest assured planning was interesting to say the least!

Consider Ruth's obsession with picture frames for the photo collection and my disinterest in anything else other than the attendees and the bar spend... (Sounds familiar right? Guys care about the money and ladies care about how pretty the thing is). Needless to say it made for interesting planning experience up until the event. I now know that Ruth's floral arrangements are no joke... We also know that Ruth does NOT like sparklers - lol this video does not lie!

In any case, May the 12th was an amazing evening for us with the friends from all areas of our lives mingling, the chit chat proceeding, and speeches. For us, the most endearing facet to the night was seeing our loved ones - amazing people from all our spheres come out for us.. It was a truly humbling as well as heart warming, and we're definitely looking forward to the additional moments of celebration we're going to experience in the next year or so.

We'll leave you with a few pictures to sample our evening. Enjoy!







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